Monday, March 19, 2012

A brief editorial

In all likelihood, today sees the determination of the new owner of Christ Hospital. Throughout the past few months, our community coalition has sought to educate ourselves and others. We have listened to one another, and found ready agreement among ordinary citizens, grassroots organizations, and elected leaders. We are all agreed that we wish to see a long-term future for Christ Hospital, its redevelopment as a hospital, and good jobs for its current workforce.

The reality of the legal process is, though, that aside from certain constraints set by the bankruptcy court, whichever bidder shows up with the biggest pile of money will likely prevail.

Save Christ Hospital hopes that buyer will be responsive to community concerns, and that their proposal will in fact address the Principles for Christ Hospital's Future that we outlined and which so many of our elected officials endorsed. We would rather move forward quickly with a redevelopment plan that speaks meaningfully to these concerns. But we must also be prepared to engage with the new buyer and our state officials to ensure that the CHAPA process protects community interests.

We wish the new buyer well, and commit to standing with our partners, especially those who work at Christ Hospital, to keep Christ Hospital focused on its historic mission of health care to all residents of our community, and to save Christ Hospital for future generations.

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