Background reading

"Do for-profits hospitals help or hurt health care?", Lindy Washburn and Mary Jo Layton, The Record, 2/3/12. In-depth look at the cascade of hospital sales in New Jersey. "For-profit companies are moving in, scooping up dialysis centers, buying nursing homes and now taking aim at some of New Jersey's oldest and most cherished non-profit local hospitals. While the cash investors provide may rescue some failing hospitals, allow others to upgrade or buy much-needed technology and introduce boutique care to the state's tonier regions, suspicions abound that the drive for profits may collide with good patient care."

"Seeking a Cure for Troubled Hospitals in Brooklyn", Nina Bernstein, New York Times, 11/9/11. Article looks at attempts to maintain hospital services in Brooklyn. "Alan Sager, a professor of health policy and management at Boston University who has analyzed decades of hospital closings in 52 cities...found that what best predicted that a hospital would be closed was not inefficiency, but location in a minority neighborhood, and for-profit hospitals were likeliest to close."