Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Christ Hospital to be sold to Hudson Holdco

In Federal Court today in Newark, Judge Morris Stern awarded Christ Hospital to Hudson Hospital Holdco, as the buyer with the "highest and best" offer, which was approved by the Christ Hospital Board yesterday.

While there is much we might still wish for, Save Christ Hospital can be proud of what we accomplished. As a result of our efforts, this sale is on significantly better terms than offered by Prime, or by either bidder initially.

The sale now includes a lengthy commitment to operate as an acute care hospital, retention of 100% of nurses and 90% of all staff, and assumption of accrued paid time off.

Holdco also committed to reach agreements with all Medicaid HMOs, helping ensure coverage for many low-income patients.

Now we must consider how to build-in safeguards to ensure these commitments are met, and get additional health care and asset protections through the state review process.

Following the outcome of today's hearing, Hudson Holdco principals reached out to us and offered to work together. Save Christ Hospital wishes them well, and will seek continued involvement to see that community needs are represented in hospital services.

Thanks for your support and hard work which had a huge impact on this process.

See the Save Christ Hospital Press Release on the sale of Christ Hospital to Hudson Holdco, 3/27/12.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A brief editorial

In all likelihood, today sees the determination of the new owner of Christ Hospital. Throughout the past few months, our community coalition has sought to educate ourselves and others. We have listened to one another, and found ready agreement among ordinary citizens, grassroots organizations, and elected leaders. We are all agreed that we wish to see a long-term future for Christ Hospital, its redevelopment as a hospital, and good jobs for its current workforce.

The reality of the legal process is, though, that aside from certain constraints set by the bankruptcy court, whichever bidder shows up with the biggest pile of money will likely prevail.

Save Christ Hospital hopes that buyer will be responsive to community concerns, and that their proposal will in fact address the Principles for Christ Hospital's Future that we outlined and which so many of our elected officials endorsed. We would rather move forward quickly with a redevelopment plan that speaks meaningfully to these concerns. But we must also be prepared to engage with the new buyer and our state officials to ensure that the CHAPA process protects community interests.

We wish the new buyer well, and commit to standing with our partners, especially those who work at Christ Hospital, to keep Christ Hospital focused on its historic mission of health care to all residents of our community, and to save Christ Hospital for future generations.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank You, Hudson County!

Thank you to the 100+ community members who came out tonight to hear very interesting presentations from Jersey City Medical Center and Bayonne/Hoboken Medical Centers. Both organizations deserve credit for engaging with the community and sharing their vision of health care in Hudson County and at Christ Hospital.

Special thanks to our elected officials who came out to express their support: Sen. Brian Stack, Asm. Jason O'Donnell, Deputy Mayor Kabili Tayari, Councilwomen Viola Richardson and Nidia Lopez, and Freeholder Anthony Romano.

Also expressing their support: Asm. Ruben Ramos, Councilmen Steven Fulop, Rolando Lavarro, and David Donnelly, and the entire Board of Chosen Freeholders, who tonight passed a resolution endorsing Save Christ Hospital's Principles for Christ Hospital's Future.

Stay tuned for updates, as much will be happening over the next two weeks.